Thursday, 8 September 2016

Playing to an audience of ... the joys of YouTube

Perhaps a little long in the tooth to set up a Chelsea fan channel, I've tried to pick up tips from the younger experts on YouTube. After a couple of blips ( see popular uploads ) I now struggle to break double viewing figures each vlog.

Perhaps in my old age not pleasing on the eye or more realistically my content is not up to standard. Unlike some I'm not just copying tv content. I've followed others regularly in the past with podcasts lasting from 35 to 120 minutes, in return watching mine lasting 3 to 4 minutes is an ask ?

Perhaps I've picked a wrong topic/subject my other blogs & tweets about other interests get higher views & follows e.g. if 007 fan check out my blog here or Twitter @007BondSupp.

Like everyone we all have opinions, young & old, about topics and Chelsea FC is mine.

Check out the pages added here one about me ( taken from another site recently closed with over 23k views ).

So the message from YouTubers: "Don't give up !" Back tomorrow chatting to myself about Sunday's match at Swansea.

Cheers !