Chelsea Humour

A bit of blue humour shown in the past about Chelsea FC ...
  1. This cartoon appeared after the 2-1 Premiership victory over Man Utd and before the Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg against Liverpool. It reads:. "... And Chelsea have brought on their new secret weapon ..." (29/04/08). 
  2. This item appeared as boss Ancelotti calls Malouda, Drogba, Lampard & Terry his Musketeers after all had a poor World Cup for the season 2010/11 (31/07/10).
  3. The back Sports page has a mock-up photo of our over-30 Blues stars for the new season 2011/12 showing Cole, Lampard, Terry, Anelka & Drogba as Chelsea Pensioners. The Drog looking a bit too realistic in the role ? (12/08/11).
  4. Taken from the Jig Saw column, this was "posted on the internet after Fernando Torres' miss at Old Traffold last week." Based on Roger Hargreaves' children books and after a goal & "his red card against Swansea on Saturday [suggesting next one is called] Mr Next Three Games !" (26/09/11).
  5. Another cartoon showing departing striker Didier Drogba's attempt at collecting the Olympic torch crying "Foul !" after his Munich heroics he ran a stage around Swindon ( 24/05/12 ). 
  6. After Rafa's Rant. The shrink explaining the problem with a diagram (01/03/13). 
  7. Their exclusive news of Mourinho's return with Jose calling "Waiter!" to  interim boss Rafa Benitez (02/05/13). 
  8. World footballer David Beckham announces his retirement with offer of help from Chelsea Captain John Terry (17/05/13).